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Todd VickersTodd Vickers has published three books The Paradox Of Self Realization and Truth Like Fire. And he’s recently published a book about the 15th century Indian poet and apostate Kabir.
The Relevance of KabirThe Paradox of Self Realization


Todd is on the board member of the Vivriti Foundation, an author and blogger with a focus on social change, non-traditional sexuality and conscious self-inquiry through meditation and critical thinking.

View my blog No Shame in Sex or watch these short videos on sex and self inquiry on You Tube.

Book Details
Vickers, T. (2015). The Relevance of Kabir. Vickers Publications. ISBN: 9-7813100307-0-3
Vickers, T. (2001). Truth Like Fire. Vickers Publications. ISBN: 0-9672632-1-2
Vickers, T. (1999). The Paradox of Self Realization. Vickers Publications. ISBN: 0-9672632-0-4
JodiJody Hanson Ph.D, escaped from the university and is now a freelance writer who lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She edits and writes for Sex in the Kingdom.



Mistress J – Contributor from Australia




Sharon DalzellSharon Dalzell – Contributes from Boulder Creek California where she offers groups on self inquiry, critical thinking and discovery.



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