Beyond Tantra

Beyond Tantra Seminar

Todd Vickers & Sharon Schlotthauer

Intense emotion & relationships

In this seminar we will discuss…

The great adventure of love.

Are we emotionally adapting or reacting?

The force of fictions

Use and misuse of power

Tricky mysticism & wishful thinking. 

Going beyond relationship norms.

Harmless pleasure

Q & A

Tantra is about awareness, not living on auto pilot or limited to habits including habits of thought.

Going beyond Tantra involves not being bound to the limitations scripture, teachers or superstitions that undermine our self-inquiry. Living consciously includes joyous sexuality but isn’t limited to that part of life. The flowering of any self-inquiry is to discover and share what’s best in life.

Todd and Sharon discuss these issues and more in this, the second in the Beyond Tantra Series of talks.

Want to know more, here is an article by Sharon & Todd – Letting go of unrealistic ideals in relationship.

“When we consciously disobey old beliefs, something new becomes possible.”

Cost $20

 The Speakers

Sharon Schlotthauer is a hypnotherapist whose work focuses on emotionally charged habits of thinking. Contrary to fixating on the past or imagining an inner child, she invites conscious choice to change the poorly adapted beliefs from our past. This is de-hypnotherapy.

Todd Vickers is an author of three books with a focus on non-traditional sexuality, meditation and conscious self-inquiry. He publishes which explores conscious non-monogamy. He is also a member of The Bureau of Erotic Discourse (or BED), a group of volunteers that gives seminars on the culture of consent at Burning Man

Sharon and Todd entered an open, non-monogamous, polyamorous relationship twenty five years ago.

When: March 2nd, 2019 – 4-5:30 PM

Where: Pacific Cultural Center
1307 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz, California

Cost: $20

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