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Todd Vickers




“This is Truth never stated before like this, spoken in ordinary language by an awakened man living a man’s life. This is most amazing and astounding. These words penetrate my being. There is respect here for life, for all that comes and goes without any identification as that which comes and goes. This got into my body.
This book did incite me, excite me and disturbed me. A simple man living as freedom… it is astonishing life and truth affirmation, an acceptance of the body and sexuality as it is, of love and truth in the midst of all phenomenal flux. It calls my bluff. It invites me to look into my own Nature.
It is timely that it is written now in this particular era not hundreds years ago, or hundreds of years from now. It is an offering pointing to truth and living freedom as everyone’s birthright. No obligation required. This is ordinary truth. This is recognition of the obvious. This is busting the mind’s game playing that nobody wins. This is an original, never before said truth for this age.
I recommend reading this book.
The first book (The Paradox of Self Realization) as intense as it is, was just Todd saying hello. This book is an earthquake.”

— Sharon Dalzell

“I have read many books by authors discussing the truth of our direct experience of reality. Who are we? What exactly is going on here in this life? This collection of essays by Todd Vickers, as unpolished and at times awkwardly written as it is, was a breeze of fresh air to me. Amongst all the sanitized written accounts of “self-realized” beings, here is a book that feels like a personal embrace: full of honesty, insight, affection, and a touch of bad breath and body odor. Reading this book, as well as The Paradox of Self Realization, taught me something new about living in honesty, and I experienced powerful pointers to deepest being.”

— Dan Kelso, M.S.

“I find Todd to be one of the most clear-minded and scrupulously honest spiritual teachers I have ever met.”

— Paul Wagner

“This (writing) really upset me, but it provokes me to really examine my life.”

— Richard Wells (Gyan)

“I found it (Todd’s writing) humorous, for such intense material and I found that refreshing.”

— Debbie Kinslow
Bookshop Santa Cruz
March 30, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

Local author Todd Vickers recently approached Bookshop Santa Cruz about doing a display for his book The Paradox of Self Realization. Mr. Vickers supplied us with an appealing, professional looking poster, which we featured in our store along side a dozen or so copies of the book. In only two weeks we sold ten copies of Paradox. Clearly, the extra attention helped find an audience for this book.

Bookshop had much success promoting The Paradox of Self Realization, and I encourage you to consider doing a similar display in your store.


— Stefanie Berntson
Bookshop promotions


Paradox cover bigReviews :The Paradox of Self Realization

“The Paradox of Self Realization is the most astonishing, honest, and direct book that I have ever encountered. These succinct and clearly written essays lead the reader through what it’s like to live a fully conscious, fiercely engaged life.

This is not an easy, feel-good-all-the-time truth; it’s about taking responsibility for all of one’s actions, thoughts, and emotions (even the so called “bad” ones) in order to realize the Divine, which is often a distinctly uncomfortable choice.

For me, the most compelling aspect of this book is that Todd addresses the shadow side of man and teaches acceptance. He doesn’t avoid working with the shadow like so many other spiritual paths seem to advocate; he pulls it right out into the sun so it’s clearly illuminated and can be dealt with. Todd Vickers does not flinch when demonstrating the importance of owning negativity within the self. He maintains that it’s necessary to accept and work with all aspects of self in order to awaken. I respect his honesty and have found myself returning to his words again and again for yet another clear drink of wisdom. Todd’s book is like drinking from a waterfall.”

— Elizabeth H. Florio – Santa Cruz Mountains, California

“This book might save your life. But not in the way that you think. It stirs what can’t be ignored. It’s life saving. It’s life affirming. It’s pretty simple, actually. Read it. More than once, preferably. But first, open your mind. Your mind will try to judge, categorize, belittle, dismiss. Don’t let it. Questioning is good. Pre-disposition is not. Make the effort to fight off your judging, controlling mind as you read. Your life, or at least your ability to LIVE, may depend on it. This book is a lifeline. For god’s sake, take it.”

— Jill Margolis

“I got a different sense of my place on this planet. I have always felt so
isolated and distant from people in general, and I just don’t feel that way all the time anymore. I feel like I have re-claimed some of the darker aspects of my being and have even become friendly to some, and find others very useful.

The biggest one (benefit) for me though is I have gotten a much clearer recognition of “Truth” when I hear it. When I first read the book it just resonated with me as if it was something I already knew, but had to be reminded of. Truth is so absolutely powerful, and I “know” it when I see it. Finally I got that self-realization is just that, not a verb or action.

There is nothing that I can do to force myself to recognize myself. I can’t pay a lot of money and have someone do it for me. I can’t meditate in the desert for seven days and seven nights naked, fasting, and be guaranteed that I will wake-up. So I just go along and try to connect with the one that is registering all of this. The witness. The witness remains totally unaffected by all phenomena. My mind can’t get around this.”








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