Pathetic Sexuality In The Manosphere, But Why?

What the manosphere describes as a relationship is pure commodification.

It’s important to understand the Manosphere’s Impact on Relationships. It is a view where any partner is interchangeable with anyone who can perform the function.

Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate, Ben Shapiro
Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate, Ben Shapiro

This mindset reduces women to broodmares, vanity trophies, and whatever self-serving function a man deems “high value.”

The speakers in the image above, and their imitators who repeat similar clichés, offer some valid and valuable criticisms. Within their work, I’ll grant there might be indications of intrinsic value that I haven’t found yet. However, their primary bias is on the ceaseless emphasis of the use value of relationships.

In manosphere dynamics, sex relations are treated and valued as commodities. Manosphere morality starkly contrasts with the sharing of human intimacy and pleasure, for its own sake, in a well-lived, all-too-short life.

Now look here, the manosphere’s impact on relationships has a cost. If relations don’t meet a predetermined purpose, they’re seen as worthless. Mates, viewed as interchangeable as car parts, they exist solely to serve a purpose. This mindset reduces women to broodmares, vanity trophies, and whatever self-serving function a man deems “high value.” Consequently, affection, individuality, and the essence of what makes one unique are debased. Intrinsic value, if it’s even acknowledged, seems mere lip service. While I recognize that women can make similar life-wasting mistakes, my current focus is on men.

Some might wish to argue that everyone does this to some degree, without realizing they’re arguing my point for me. I’m not saying that lovers should never be useful. I’m saying that is not what is best in relationships. In the manosphere, use value is the criterion!

The manosphere’s impact on relationships has a cost, the commodification of love, where genuine sexuality is lost in a transactional view.

Let’s delve into the emotional cost of the manosphere’s commodification of love, where genuine connection is lost.

When your heart breaks at the loss of someone, it is not the loss of their utility that makes you weep. You remember the sweetest moments that will never come again. You feel remorse for all that you did wrong, and regret for everything right you left undone. That is the recognition of a different kind of value. Intrinsic value extends far beyond any commodity; it cannot be measured, manufactured, or replaced.

Hannah Arendt

“…the whole world seems to agree that only what is necessary can be meaningful. I consider such a position pathetic.”

Hannah Arendt

If sex is transactional, you should know that is what’s happening.

I’m exposing the limits of transactional sex; I’m not saying it’s wrong. There is a place for transactional sex, but you should also know that is what you are doing when it’s happening. You should also know that’s not all there is to sex.

Regarding the manosphere’s impact on relationships, I’ll grant the speakers above vary in extremity. Regardless, it’s not just that the manosphere is under developed, immature, and hobbled in their capacity to love, they also actively work to spread this confusion.

Their tendency to devalue women based on the number of lovers is a prime example.

For each partner a woman has had, her perceived value is reduced. This practice, a form of slut-shaming, veiled under terms like “promiscuity” or “body count,” a term that disturbingly likens sex to the death toll after a battle. Interestingly, if the men are unaware of a woman’s past partners, no such value reduction occurs, revealing the arbitrary and unjust nature of their judgment. It’s akin to someone telling you to evaluate all music solely on how similar it is to classical music. Not because classical music gives them or you the most joy, but because classical music is the standard for all music and anything else is inferior. Such an arbitrary standard really robs a person of a lot of choices. That is a loss of freedom!

Do not be fooled by the constant praise of fidelity, submissiveness, motherhood etc., that the manosphere extends constantly to women; what they extol are mere actions and functions any woman can perform, it’s not who those women are. Such things could be done by a woman who was lying to you and even hates you. Again it’s the functions the manosphere values, not the people. In the manosphere men are also judged by the functions they perform, such as “provide and protect,” which in their context is like a man who maintains his car well because it serves his purpose. The men learn to commodify themselves! Though I admit I have my doubts indeed about how well these men provide, and how they protect the women. The manosphere’s ideal of a “high value” partner, in my view, is not only immature; it’s a pathetic and wretched degradation of their capacity for love.

And, they won’t know what they have to lose until it’s gone!

By Todd Vickers

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