Beyond Satisfaction of Desire

surrender-2What would you choose, the experience of love being equal in both instances.

Love with truth

Love without truth

If the value is only the feeling then one is not better than the other. Love outside the truth is much more easily attained. Lies are the most commonly used aphrodisiac. But if we value love with truth, we realize that the truth adds something to the whole and the more of it, the better. But what if the truth is our beloved wants to make love to others? Do we want the truth now?

Some say love won’t want others but I could as easily say love is not afraid of allowing and even welcoming more love and would not limit the freedom of another. Rather than relying on decrees from either side, we can again return to the question. Love, with or without the truth, which do we think intrinsically better?

Remember, what is true has no obligation to satisfy our expectations. Can love exist outside our expectations? I say “yes.” I’ve lived this way for decades but experience aside there is also a principle involved. I do not wish to decree what love can and cannot do. Now all the possibilities are open because the mind is open and ready to not only discover but ready to risk. Even willing to risk not getting what I want.

By Todd Vickers

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  1. Sometimes I believe you are spying on me… Well more than some. Your words hit the mark each time I read your post. Thank you for truth Todd.

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