Queer America: Now That Trump Will Be President

man-tearsOriginally published at The Huffington Post 11/09/2016

“…we must hold each other as we piece ourselves back together, as we remember who we are ― who we have always been ― and remember what we have stared down and refused to give in to before. Remember what we and those who came before us have overcome, together, for hundreds and hundreds of cold, dark years.

We must, perhaps more than any time before now, be exactly who we are, not by denying our fears, but by willingly pumping them through our veins as proof that we exist despite the very real dreams of those who wish we did not. Let those fears fuel us as we remind ourselves and anyone who dare look upon us that we are not going anywhere ― that we are wholly deserving of our love and our desire simply because they are real and they are ours and they have made us who we are today.” … Continue reading at The Huffington Post


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