Love instead of… Paintings at 2016 Saguaro Man

Painted Polyamory Problems

Probably the best way to illustrate what I’m doing with this art is to criticize it. One of the strongest objections to these paintings, they are all negative. They show problems, not solutions. Even the title of the show is negative – Love instead of . . .

A smaller serving


Against the fact standing above I say that the art is about the beauty of love and open sexuality. And nothing reveals love like its conspicuous absence contrasted with what is so destructive; the habitual use of power that often cripples or murders a love.


Hiding in Shadows


In The Raven, Edgar Allen Poe contrasts a lover, grieving the death of his mistress in a room where they shared joys. The bereaved man ponders his beloved Lenore and poetically encounters a raven seeking shelter. The black bird perches on the door and simply repeats “nevermore”. It is precisely the absence of a love lost when contrasted with the desolation invoked with each repetition of the word “nevermore” that drives home the loss of love. That poem is really about love and moments we would gladly live over again, if it were possible.


Domino Effect


My art is about things that kill love. To bring these murderers to judgment shows we value the love they kill. We also can see these cruel aspects can hide within ourselves like a poisonous scorpion in our bed.

Two PacifiersSomething new this year, I created a pie chart about the use of power that acts as a key to decipher symbolism that might otherwise be confusing.

2Power Pie

2016 Saguaro Display1


I added four new paintings to the display from last year and upgraded the presentation with shade, lights, a bench and some laminate presentations (slide shows below).

I think next time it will be even better. Unlike last year, I didn’t do a talk. But I would love to talk and meet anyone who interested in conscious non monogamy.


I’m truly happy for the chance to display my artwork. Thanks to all the folks who work so hard to make the event happen.

2016 art feedback


Woman with Keys_sml Rules_sml Justice Scale_sml Couple in Chains_smlTo the woman who left me the lovely note, you made the work a joy.




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