Non monogamy, when prejudice hides envy


If we deny opportunities to love because we can’t conceive living  beyond monogamy, we may, among other things, be suffering envy.

The idea that we cannot have something tempts us to say it’s ‘not worth having.’ This is often envy hiding behind a prejudice. Nobody but the person themself can confirm such envy and that takes a great deal of honesty.

Life by chance offers us opportunities to love. The idea that we must sacrifice one love to love another is foolish and worse when nothing suggests anything *harmful will result.

By Todd Vickers

* Harm = Deceit, coercion, recklessness, and violence.

It’s important to note these four categories have to do with measurable harm NOT feeling uncomfortable. If we treat our discomfort as harm, and we also feel uncomfortable when we don’t get what we want, then it’s easy to confuse not getting what we want with harm.


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