Three reasons sex is confusing

sex is confusingSex doesn’t oppose truth. Delusion opposes truth. Delusion is different than having or not having sex.

  1. People often withhold the truth and blankly lie about their sexuality. These faults blend with truths, some truth we speak plainly and others we say as a joke.  A smokescreen allows us to stay two-faced e.g. ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’
  2. Our beliefs around sexuality may be contrary to our body impulses and even our behaviors without us questioning if the belief is false or flawed. This leads to shame as well as confusion.
  3. Popular culture does not encourage questioning of mainstream beliefs. Some authorities encourage us to ‘never settle for less than what we want.’ The problem is – such advice assumes not only that we know what we want, it also assumes what we want is both attainable and good. Such a vague statement is all things to all people. Some of our wants may include beautiful affections but others are doubtful, selfish, fear based, and even cruel, such ‘don’t settle’ suggestions don’t give us any new knowledge and can cause more harm than good.

Why not look for people who value truth-telling, particularly involving the subjects that concern us most deeply, like sex.

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