Consciously orgasmic at 71 – ongoing discovery

Conscious sexualityI am seventy-one but I discovered my orgasm at twenty-five and enjoyed a great deal of orgasmic sex in the years after; until I experienced what I shall describe as a time of sexual hibernation. Thankfully, I went on to re-emerge from that hibernation, and I want to share my experience of a new sexual blossoming in what are my twilight years.

I’ll begin my insight into sexual experiences with a question: Why reach for a more conscious sexuality? The actuality is that we either love consciously or we love (and live) based in memories from the past. Those memories become automatic routines which attempt to support our ego, that is, how we imagine ourselves. We circle the drain—just going ‘round and ‘round the same old stories as death approaches. (In honor of that fact, I confess that I am seventy-one, and closer to the end than the beginning.) Conscious sexuality is the ability to disobey old habits and prejudices while discovering our body’s sensual wonders.

I want to share my experience of a new sexual blossoming… Read more of this article about conscious sexuality…

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