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What’s buzzing at NoShameInSex.com? Curious about what yours truly, Todd Vickers, has been stirring up lately?

Cover When Men Love

New Book!

My digital presence has been somewhat elusive these past couple of years, yet during this time, I’ve ventured away from nonfiction into the realm of writing fiction, crafting ‘When Men Love.’ In deed it’s a sultry exploration of non-monogamous relationships, and I’m currently in search of a literary agent to represent the book. It seems to me there’s a scarcity of literature about non-monogamous relationships. About 90% of the stories in this book are from real life, but I bring them all together in a narrative that is passionately realistic with profound darkness and bright light. If you’re craving a lil taste of this seductive tale, here’s the back cover.

NoShameInSex_com YouTube

New You Tube Channel

Now, let’s talk about the crescendo—our NoShameInSex_com YouTube channel is in full bloom! It’s the challenging visual counterpart to this web sanctuary. There, I’ve set free a series of daring short videos, delving into the art of consent culture, a critique of the institution of marriage, the pitfalls of magical thinking in Tantra, and the truthful, intrinsic allure of kink, and more. I’ve flirted with different voices narrating my work, but rest assured, the words are still my own. As we slip into winter’s embrace, I plan to warm your thoughts with captivating interviews.

But that’s not all—I’m also crafting a collection born in 2005. It’s a compendium of anecdotes, allegories, and aphorisms, meant to titillate your intellect. And of course, I’ve been running my own business, it’s a grind that consumes many of my days, but as every creator knows, that takes away from new creation but until a better means presents itself, I’ll meet life on it’s on terms.

Burning Man

And then, there was Burning Man this year—a blend of ecstasy and challenge. For those who don’t know me, I’m a board member, a content creator, and a camp lead of The Bureau of Erotic Discourse (BED) at Burning Man. Our mission: to ignite the fires of consent education, both on and off the playa. We operate within the realm of the Emergency Services Division, and this year, our passion reached a new peak. If you look for the pink on the playa map, you’ll discover how many camps consented to be ‘Beducated.’ Then they created and posted their own consent policy in their camp for all to see.

Consent Education on Playa
Burning Man 2023

If you yearn to learn some new frames of consent BED offers on the playa and beyond, you can freely explore our educational treasures. Dive into our consent policy. Witness how we question others and hold souls accountable for their actions, how we offer an exquisite teachable moment, and how, when learning falters, we may, if need be, exile someone from our camp. Perhaps for a time to think or perhaps forever. Our consent policy is one you can modify to your own needs to start handling the responsibility that goes along with freedom. We are always learning and improving so come back and see what new things were doing in BED.

You can support consent education at Burning Man and beyond by going to our BED fundraiser and bid on cool stuff (including signed copies of my published books.)

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