Foolish men blocking abortion

Abortion could have saved her

Why are foolish men blocking abortion? Foolish men that think they can control women, they only tyrannize. Even those unfortunate ones who, do to circumstances or a manufactured torpidity, succumb to your sexual foot-binding, they circumvent your power every time they lie. It’s easy to support the beliefs of the self satisfied. A little flattery and parroting your beliefs and you’re convinced. Unthinking fools! Do you not see those Catholic School girls who take up a collection for a friend that is “in trouble?” You’re religious prohibitions have no more hold on them than they do over your cocks. But you can terrify women and make their lives a miserable hell.

Every woman who ever risked, who suffered or died from a botched abortion showed more courage than Prometheus, who’s insides were torn out every day. But Titans cannot be killed. I ask you who is more courageous, a fragile woman with only one life or a fictional symbolic male? The real woman, whether she would, behind deceit, risk everything rather than bear her ignorant father’s disapproval or the woman who shakes her fist at the sky and says “this fire is not yours to possess!”

Foolish men blocking abortion

You who flatter yourself that you are more reasonable than those you seek to control, your delusions are confirmed when those who have access to comprehensive education and abortion have, fewer abortions. May the tears you’ve caused pour from your own eyes. May those tears ceaselessly gouge scars in your face, until the time you amend your stupidity.


By Todd VickersAuthor Todd Vickers


*Image: Émilie du Châtelet, a French philosopher, mathematician, physicist, who died in childbirth

New abortion laws won’t return us to a pre-Roe era. They’ll do much worse.

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