Sex education in Norway

Norway Sex Education Enjoy the video below of Norway sex education. America on the whole, can’t deal directly with the facts of the sex as an issue. Such a video would be impossible in many states. We force children to learn about sex through ignorant friends or unrealistic pornography. If we consider how low the abortion rate is in Norway, then even the religious moralists would have good reason to support similar comprehensive sex education.


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[…] than those you seek to control, your delusions are confirmed when those who have access to comprehensive education and abortion have, fewer abortions. May the tears you’ve caused pour from your own eyes. May […]


[…] Most adults can remember moments of intense yearning during their own youth. Imagine an adolescent in such a moment of overwhelming desire contracting a dreadful disease that would’ve been avoided by using a condom. Let’s not disrespect sexual impulses. Let’s stop ignoring the cruelty of denying people access to the best knowledge. To deny knowledge is to rob the young of their inheritance from the human race and I do not believe that any teacher, parent, or politician can claim the right to do that wrong to another. That is wy I advocate for the most comprehensive sex education… Read more »