4 reasons a sense of wonder is important in a beautiful life

WonderWonderWonder in a beautiful life | Todd Vickers via Vivriti.org

1. There can be no surprise without discovery.

Discovery is like a free fall; a new understanding of something … Read More

Leaving dead relationships

Leaving dead relationshipsLeaving dead relationshipsLet’s start leaving dead relationships. Some people hold love hostage. Hiding behind a mask, they threaten to kill love if another doesn’t submit … Read More

Abusing a lovers empathy

Abusing lovers empathyAbusing lovers empathyWe cannot be convicted of abusing a lovers empathy with our self-created misery but we can still be guilty. Our ability to feel what we think is one of our conceptual powers. The mind … Read More

Fighting and texting

dont-fight-in-text1dont-fight-in-text1It’s so easy to thoughtlessly shoot off a text or email in a digital world. But we can’t see the others face, their anger, their tears or misunderstanding so we have no … Read More

Abuse of honesty in relationships

feelings-impactfeelings-impactThe honesty facade is real honesty; it’s a rigorously honest description, but it also hides something that is factually true. I devoted a whole … Read More