4 reasons a sense of wonder is important in a beautiful life

WonderWonder in a beautiful life | Todd Vickers via Vivriti.org

1. There can be no surprise without discovery.

Discovery is like a free fall; a new understanding of something previously taken for granted; a surprise affection, something beautiful or new knowledge. With discovery we are thrust into the moment. The experience is vitalizing, it awakens our senses. Think of a child who first sees a butterfly, they chase it, its colors are so beautiful, it’s dance is so erratic. We can envision the child laughing and even shouting with delight. If the butterfly flies away the child might burst into tears. That’s a part of discovery too. It’s not just children that discover.

Our wonder might come as a dance, a beautiful song, a sunrise or a new friend or lover that thrusts us into the moment.

2.  Discovery is vulnerable.

Discovery could also be risky. People feel scared of discovery and forget the part wonder plays in fun! Who or what  inspires us to wonder? The chances are…” Read more at Vivriti.org

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