How to question love ideals | By Todd Vickers at

Love idealsIntimate relationships and love ideals are a touchy topic anywhere, but the consequences of marriage, relationship breakups, and vengeance for rejection should make us willing to scrutinize our beliefs.  Ideals should not blind us to facts. In some countries, divorce is almost impossible due to the force of custom, but custom itself does not make any belief true.

Love ideals tend to hide when the ideals are merely self-serving and when they, in fact, don’t serve us

  • We forget concepts are mental and treat love ideals as facts.

Love ideals are conceptual and like the concept of a sweet cake, we never taste the conceptual cake and this metaphor holds true regardless of cultural differences. So much of human happiness and misery rests on our beliefs that we should dare question them to see if flaws or falsehoods lay hidden.

“To be forced to stay in a marriage for fear of criminal consequences smells of a totalitarian society, and not of the modern liberal tenets that inform our Constitution.”1Read more at

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