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intimate relationshipExcerpt: “…To be unaware of how we conceive intimate relationship leads to treating our questionable beliefs as fact. Let’s look at some problems and then solutions.

Don’t become cynical in intimate relationship. Find those people who value the truth.

On one hand, the hope for something better drives human discovery; meaning trial and error. On the other, unrealistic expectations suck the life out of our love. We can’t ignore the valuable experience of the past. But if we mistake our beliefs as evidence about ourselves, then questioning those beliefs becomes a threat. Beliefs affect our expectations. If we destroy good things today trying to achieve something unrealistic in a future, we lose. Expectations involve a future, and we imagine any future. How many good things do we miss while blinded by expectations?

It’s a problem that many of us believe in the usefulness of lies including omissions of truth.

When we lie, we predict the future.

The lie is trying to control an outcome… We cling to an image…” read more at

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