Facing facts, sex and climate change

Frog Viv adaptWhat do sex and climate change have in common? Both involve facts we sometimes feel tempted to ignore or alter them to suit our existing ideas.

Here is an excerpt from the Elephant Journal article Accepting Polyamory as Natural might help us to Accept Climate Change. {Adult}

Sometimes an experience outside of what we know changes our beliefs forever. At the age of 24, my beliefs about sex were upended. In a safe, free-love community experiment, a group of blindfolded men and women met each other silently by touch only. Body to body, I noticed vast differences in the way people felt. Some of these blind meetings became sexual. Then we removed the blindfold.

What a shock when I found that a woman who felt incredibly gorgeous turned out to be a woman I would’ve never chosen with my eyes open.

The poverty of my bias was exposed. I was suddenly emancipated from a prison of belief about sexy—a belief I might have carried as a burden for a lifetime. This change not only affected my life, but the lives of others. Flawed or false beliefs about the world, other people or ourselves impose unseen and unnecessary limits on us and rob us of our chance to respond instinctively.

Consider the human cost of controversies involving sex and politics. If we, as the human race, cannot face the obvious facts of sexuality, then how can we expect to face a politically loaded problem like climate change for example? Read More…

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