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Couple privilegeFive reasons ‘Couple privilege’ doesn’t exist

By Lola Phoenix: Lola is a non-binary queer future best selling sci-fi/fantasy novelist in her late twenties.

I’ve seen this concept floating around for a long time and I’ve always not really agreed with it or liked it, but it’s taken me awhile to sit down and explain my problem with this concept, why I think it’s inaccurate and what else should be used to describe some of what people usually use ‘ couple privilege ’ to describe.

Reason 1: Privilege is about systemic oppression

When most people reference couple’s privilege, they’re referencing a blog by Franklin Veaux which has been transferred to the More Than Two website. It gives a cursory explanation of privilege as “any advantage that one person or group has over another that hasn’t been specifically earned” which is not necessarily inaccurate.

The intentional nature of privilege

However, this is overly simplistic and…

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