What is Sexual Excess?

The Relevance of KabirExcerpt from The Relevance of Kabir

“The word excessive means something when talking of salt, sex or any experience. Even water will kill you if you drink too much. When we believe some experience or possession will do something it cannot, before we give up the belief, we are likely to see if more will accomplish the desired effect. Our beliefs make us vulnerable to hawkers that pander to our desires. Advertisers will sell us anything by suggesting an enviable ‘lifestyle’ associated with their products. If we look at the hopes encouraged in the schemes that promise to help us become the people we were meant to be, then we see what we are buying is an image of ourselves in the future that exists in our mind. It is the same for beauty products and soda pop. It is not just that Pepsi is a tasty, sweet drink, the consumers are of the Pepsi generation, whatever the fuck that means. Advertising infers that happiness results from purchases. Are we victims of another’s fraud or our own? I think both. Our part of the fraud remains hidden as long as we wish to judge ourselves based on experiences or possessions.”

By Todd Vickers

How to get a FREE copy of this Book

I recently published The Relevance of Kabir. I interpret some of that notorious weavers most radical poems from a modern point of view.

I’m giving away the first thousand copies and I am happy to share them with anyone interested. The download is here

If you would like to read some reviews of the book they can be found here.


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