What Do You Mean by Normal People

Normal PeopleThe concept of normal people. If we have little or no interest in sex we may withhold that information from most people. If we have desires other than the customary, we probably tend to keep those private. These strategic  omissions allow others to fill in the blanks with common ideas. Remember many popular ideas we now reject i.e. a flat earth were thought normal. Let’s keep this in mind when considering the fuzzy concept of “normal”

A belief that the majority of people fit in the vague class called normal people must have flaws…

Why? Because the fear of being abnormal reinforces the custom. The LGBT communities in their struggles against fierce opposition show this point. In the past, LGBT folks spent their lives in hiding because “coming out” could be a threat to lively hood, reputation, or invite harassment and violence. LGBT political successes can inspire and liberate the more liberal heterosexual culture. Regardless, normal people will appear a smaller group without the all the ruse. We should subtract from the numbers of normal people the hypocrites who intentionally deceive others.

Women have stronger grounds to hide unconventional desires because of society’s vicious double standards.

Consider the recent harassment of Slane Girl whose sex pictures with multiple men at a music festival went viral. The men involved had no worries. She received so much harassment and shaming that she felt it necessary to check herself into a hospital. When a woman has unconventional desires and it becomes public, it often leads to harassment, unwanted sexual advances, disapproval, and rivalry from other women. Making a living under such circumstances will be awful and even impossible. The sexual vanguard act more mundane publicly to avoid trouble. This fact makes finding honest people with non-standardized desires more difficult.

Common ideas change over time but not fast enough for those of us who are benignly beyond the borders of custom. We cannot linger for decades or centuries for the world to improve so we can enjoy more freedom. If we wait, we will miss our chance. We try to make things better. Just like our innovating ancestors who imagined what the world might be like with educated women. Such people, in the face of vast opposition, made the world a better place. Let’s follow their example.

  By Todd Vickers

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