Polyamory Going Beyond Rules

Because polyamory is about affection not control.


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[…] A belief like free love offers an alternative to the tradition of monogamy. Beliefs can be like a Teddy Bear that we cling too for security. We use ideals to justify our actions, while working toward a better tomorrow. When new beliefs fail, people often go back to the tradition that they know, even when the tradition includes flaws. We can imagine a world where people are not possessive, sexual joy is more available for everyone and women are not shamed for that sexual joy. Still, prejudices around sexual beliefs (just like racism) hide in new systems of thought.… Read more »

7 years ago

Wonderful 🙂 Might best be received as a subliminal message wrapped into our breakfast burritos and as an additive to cows milk over rice crispies! Thank you for your dedication to what’s really important here, and to your ongoing dedication to my love life!!