We Believed Lies About Commitments

Commitment Security

What is commitment? If we say it is dedication to a cause or activity remember another  person is not an idea or something we do. When humans became domesticated the concept of property became relevant. Men started treating women as property. In finding a better morality, men offered themselves as property in return. Relationships became more equal but still a person is not property. Business and affection should be judged by different standards.

You don’t need a commitment to have a friend and friends are not just a means to some other end. Friendship is a joy unto itself. Friendship is a better foundation for sexuality. But remember, friends can love others and remain friends.

Untruth can’t be transformed by a commitment and what’s true doesn’t need a commitment to be so.

Neither deep feeling nor belief make anything true. If you want to know more about relationship mythology read this critical article. I fault those who consider fear of commitment or commitment phobia ‘bad’ when in fact it can be reasonable, kind, honest and responsible.

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