Promiscuity, Platitudes and Prejudice

Excerpt: Todd Vickers New Writing at The Elephant Journal

The manosphere talks against promiscuous sex. This is vague slut shaming. But taking the common use of the term ‘promiscuous,’ they are mistaken in making no place or distinction for truthful consensual sex among consenting adults, sex that simply extends beyond the pale of their dominant ideology; I mean sex that excludes violence, coercion, recklessness, and deceit.We can rightly blame someone for carelessly spreading an STI, but that is not the fault of sex, including highly promiscuous sex! Carelessness is an error of judgment; it’s a fault of not just situational reasoning but also value judgments. It’s absurd to blame sexual freedom for errors of judgment. 

Sexual Freedom

I have some reservations about certain extremes of consensual kink, but again, that is a matter of personal judgment, not a reflection on sex or sexual freedom. It’s trivial to claim, “if we did not engage in promiscuous sex, problems like STIs and unwanted pregnancy would not exist.” We could just as easily argue that if we did not eat chicken, we would eliminate the spread of salmonella. That statement is naive, the issue lies in mishandling the food, not its consumption. Moreover, you will never convince someone who has safely engaged in non traditional sexuality for years that it cannot be done…”

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