Sexual Relationship Evolution

Some of us look upon sexual relationship evolution with a fear or envy. Most of our grandparents would look upon our sexual relations today with disapproval, yet they passed on to … Read More

My ever changing sexuality

changing sexualitychanging sexualityMy ever changing sexuality really began as a teen, I grew my sexual legs in a free love community of spiritual seekers, my views of this ever changing sexuality are quite non-traditional. I know the world is … Read More

What we’ll do when when we feel turned on

when we feel turned onwhen we feel turned onWhen discussing heightened sexual states and what we’ll do when we feel turned on, let’s look at sex as something like … Read More

Friendly Sexual Connections

Newest CartNewest CartThe benefits of plural and open sexual friendships cannot be measured nor should the benefits be underestimated. Consider how often commercials and political propaganda invoke our sexual instincts. A chicken broods on a wooden egg and our instincts … Read More

Couple Calls – By The Honest Courtesan

Eye2Eye2A couple call is different from a two-girl call in that the latter involves two professional women rather than one … Read More