Challenging Relationship Myths: A Sex Reality Check Of Peterson

The relationship, myths of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson won’t be footing the bill for your wedding or your divorce. He won’t be returning the time lost chasing his dubious ideals. And he certainly won’t recreate missed chances for love, including potential partners you passed up because they didn’t match the playbook he so zealously advocates. Read More

Challenging Relationship Myths

If you take the prediction and control out of commitment, what is left? Moreover, every disappointed commitment is built on a set of justifications that failed. Before you buy another bag of magic beans, why not meet with us in challenging those beliefs? Check out this website. Subscribe. Make a comment. Criticize an idea. Meet Todd Vickers and see Poly Follies, his artworks displayed at Saguaro Man 2015   Painted using recycled plywood and mostly recycled paint. Read More