Sexual understanding or rebellion

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Jealousy – a short video

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How you love is up to you

The question is not what form the love takes but THAT we love consciously.

Love is not a routine and cannot be reduced to a preconceived idea without … Read More

Questioning Monogamy

Every time someone cheats, every monogamous person who doesn’t consider purchased or oral sex and so on to be cheating, we have reason to question monogamy.

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An unsatisfied selfish demand

An expectation is not the measure of abuse.

How do we know if we are a victim?

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What Death Teaches Us About Lovers, Friends And Family

Todd VickersTodd Vickers Published at Street Articles

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Cheating and Honest Non-Monogamy

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She Lives in Secret

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Is Monogamy Over? A Reply

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Sex-Pats in Cambodia

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Read-Darwinian Gender Studies

Otto_Scholderer_Lesendes_MädchenBy Paula Wright

Unpoisoning the … Read More

5 Reasons to Question Monogamy at Elephant Journal

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Poly Follies | The Exhibit and Talk

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Challenging Relationship Myths

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Mistaking Means for Ends in Love

Having-or-notMistaking means for ends in love … Read More

Our Sexual Value Judgments

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Forbidden Subjects

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Sexual Idealism

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A Retired Prostitute Helped Me

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The Relevance of Kabir – One Thousand Review Copies Free

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Celebrate Mature Women, Who Want

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Questionable Beliefs About Love

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r0b1 Different Sex Podcast Todd Vickers Talks Issues of Polyamory

Rob Moore

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A Suggestive Holiday Greeting

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